About Us

The first Red Angel Pizza shop opened for business on July 4th, 1974 in the small town of Payne, Ohio. The amazing pizza and grinders became an instant hit and many more shops were created in surrounding areas.  Like many others, you may wonder where the name came from.  It’s actually quite simple:  The names of the two original founders were “Red” and his partner “Angel”.  They put their names together and voila’!

The foundation for Red Angel’s delicious pizza is still the same today as it was over 40 years ago:  A unique sour dough crust and an amazing sauce recipe that’s worth millions! We never skimp on our toppings and every pizza is finished off with a thick layer of pure mozzarella cheese.

Our Mission:  We strive to provide the best product for our customers. We realize that there are many choices in the area for pizza…that’s why we guarantee our product.  If you aren’t satisfied with your pizza for some reason, please let us know and we’ll make it right.  We also take pride in being flexible.  If you like your pizza a certain way or have a special request, we would love to accommodate you!